Modern Supply Chain Management


Our claim is a high level in terms of delivery reliability and dependability in accordance with customer requirements. This requires a high degree of trust and transparency in the cooperation with our suppliers and customers. RO-RA works and strives for this continuously.


The optimization of lead times with simultaneously optimized production lot sizes is an essential role of the supply chain team at RO-RA. For this reason we follow a very lean organizational concept to make the value chain customer-oriented and sustainable.

Zusammenarbeit mit RO-RA


RO-RA meets several needs at once

The One-Stop-Shop concept includes technological competence as well as the bundling of all logistical processes. The comprehensive supply chain management offers our customers reduced risk and efficient deliveries. Also in this area, the digital management of business processes and their execution is our claim.

Our supply chain management team selects a potential supplier, qualifies and develops them into partners. Our supplier partners share the opportunities and risks of aviation as well as technological challenges with RO-RA.

Together with our customers we develop further in the form of new Pull & Push supply systems. The digital exchange of sales plans, data-based validation in the ERP system as well as the EDI controlled order processing are efficient tools for the cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

The use of semi-automated production systems and our Zero Defect Initiative enable us to achieve smart planning with the objective of standardization, small production batches and work-in-progress reduction.

Data analysis allows us to plan orders and control production more effectively. We use them to optimize our logistics chains and processes. RO-RA works with standardized packaging concepts and logistics processes. We control the flow of goods with production trackers (RFID based).

Our value chain is significantly influenced and controlled by product and technology development. We work very intensively on efficient and digital solutions, such as our product configurators, process simulations and digital product approvals.

Smart planning, smart production based on digital product lifecycles, semi-automated manufacturing, standardization and zero defect are the keywords and objectives of RO-RA in the further development of our supply chain management.

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