RO-RA Aviation Systems

Your Supplier in the Aviation Industry

We develop and produce functional assemblies and precision parts

As a supplier to the global aviation industry, we develop and manufacture functional assemblies and precision parts.

We are connected by a passion for aviation and the pursuit of precision and excellence.

Our products include rods, high-precision components and mechanisms found in commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters and their engines.

We maintain long-term partnerships and business relationships with our customers – both OEMs and their main suppliers. For retrofit solutions, aftermarket and MRO applications, we also design and manufacture products tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Manufacturing is an key aspect of our business. We specialize in the turning and milling of high-strength Superalloys into complex component geometries and in the forming of Aluminium and Steel tubes. Integrated automation is a key component of production.

RO-RA as Technology Company in the Aviation Industry

We Develop Solutions for Our Customers

Pre-development, estimation, design, qualification and prototype production are essential elements of our business model.

A key to our success factor is the digitalization of the development and manufacturing processes. This includes the corporate-wide networking of all engineering and testing processes. By establishing digital twins in product and process development we achieve substantial improvements in time-to-market. Our in-house developed Digital Product Configurators offer our customers intuitive product design features, improved time-to-market and greater flexibility.

Flexible automation systems in our production create a true competitive edge in the heart of Europe. Automation enable us to provide 24/7 production capacity even for complex engine parts made of Superalloys.

Solutions through Precision.


Establish the new.

RO-RA moves boundaries in aviation by continuous development, precision and the will to solve requirements more intelligently.

What does that mean? We are aware that there are limits in aviation that can’t be crossed. That means we always follow the rules. However, we are working on maximizing our products within these limits through new developments and precision to enable more intelligent solutions. These include new, smart technical solutions, further weight savings, as well as the application of new manufacturing processes that no one else has mastered yet. For this reason we want to establish NEW.

Our Brand Values

In the sense of perfect, accurate, technically correct. We are experts in our field and work with precision down to the finest detail. We understand our responsibilities and we adhere to established rules and standards.

In the sense of developing, following a sensible structure. We work guided by the thing itself, not determined by feelings or assumptions. We work with “creative power”; which is synonymous with “creativity from know-how”. Creative power, developmental power (involves a lot of know-how) are our hobbyhorses to develop and establish new standards.

We develop new products that are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers. Internally, individuality also plays a key role; employees are challenged and supported to further develop their personal strengths to move the company forward.

Our Mission

With enthusiasm, experience and knowledge in all areas, we consistently work together with our customer to deliver solutions which are; precise, unique and market-oriented. We combine our technological skills and digitize our processes to ensure products of the highest quality. With pride and confidence we drive ourselves to develop new solutions.

The history of RO-RA


Brand & Strategy Development
  • New Corporate Identity
  • New Corporate Design
  • New strategic orientation in aviation


Realignment of the RO-RA business model


Opening of the Futurezone


Expansion of the production


Takeover of the new management


New competence field milling


Orientation of the aircraft industry


Foundation of RO-RA Aviation Systems

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Paperless Engineering

The digital product definition through model-based definition enables paperless engineering and can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future in engineering.


RPA – an interim balance

Six months after the first RPA lighthouse project, it is time for RO-RA Aviation Systems to take stock and reflect on the past months. It was a continuous learning process with ups and downs, but the positive result speaks for itself.

Technologies Tube-Instability-Analysis-tie-rods

Efficient raw material usage & increased buckling strength

Efficient raw material usage & increased buckling strength A new tolerance and measurement concept for tie rods at RO-RA We always strive for connecting elements in the safest and most efficient way. With our tie rods, as one of our main business fields, we want to achieve that and contribute to a more sustainable flying…