RO-RA cooperation with Zodiac Aerospace
PRESS: Global Market Leader Zodiac Aerospace Puts Trust in Know-How of RO-RA
9. October 2017
PC-24 Super Versatile Jet
PRESS: Contract with Pilatus for PC-24 signed
29. January 2018

Turbulent times: RO-RA prospects and retrospects

The year 2017 was the year of change! The world was turned on its head, governments shifted to the right, and terror repeatedly had us holding our breath and feeling the pain. Under such conditions the world economy normally also suffers, but the opposite is the case. Despite the diesel affair, 60 world-wide terror attacks with horrible images and numerous deaths, the further destabilisation of Turkey and the Near East, the world’s stock markets ran up one record after another.

The world turned upside down. Mechanisms that lent themselves to prognoses in the past are no longer valid today. A nation such as Germany, which has actually not had it this good since 1990, cannot form a government. What then anchors us?

We, RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH, cherish our continued growth in customer-, supplier- and business partner relationships, and we adhere to a company policy that values sustainability, customers, technological advancement and, not least, places people at the focus.  In times such as these, entrepreneurs are called upon to have a vision and to consistently and conscientiously implement such with their customers, employees and partners.

This year we thus distributed our budget for Christmas gifts where it appeared particularly important to us. A portion will go to the hospice movement in our home district, which, together with the aid of your valuable work, makes life liveable to the end. Another portion goes to the National Summer Games of the Special Olympics, which will be held virtually on our doorstep in 2018. We were already able to sense the enthusiasm and motivation that is to be experienced in this regard upon the presentation of the donation check. We can all learn from this experience!

In 2017 we were able to achieve further important milestones in our company:

Lean six sigma

We were able to train the first employees to “Six Sigma Green Belts” and they will now begin to roll-out a lean six sigma program. A zero-error strategy without compromise will guide us in 2018.

Delivery reliability

Moreover, we are particularly proud of the fact that we were able to satisfy our valued customers with a annual average delivery reliability of 95% and of 97% in the last half year. We will keep the goal of 98% intended for 2018 well in view. The satisfaction of all of our business partners will continue to determine our business practices. We are aware of our responsibilities!

Our customers

In 2017 we were able to captivate our existing customers as well as many new customers, including notable companies such as Aero Vodochody, SONACA and OGMA, with our products and services.  Despite the low rate increase for the Airbus A350, we were able to further expand and promote the positive development in our fields of business of aerostructures, interiors and engines. Thank you very much for the trust extended! We look forward to further cooperation and new challenges.

Educational offensive

We are particularly proud of our trainees! This year we were also able to again welcome nine new CNC metal cutting technicians, two business trainees and two other scholarship holders to our company. We plan the same number for 2018. Continue to accompany us as we counter the skilled worker shortage in all areas of our work with passion. What industry can ignite this passion better than the aviation industry?

We also wish to generate the sparks for this again in the coming year with our RO-RA Kids Adventure-Technology Camp. We spend a week with the children of our employees and impart the “dream of flying” to them with much fun and excitement. Every child gets to know the basics of flight physics and, at the end of this week, can navigate a motorized model plane. If you wish to support us in this adventure with ideas, we will be very happy to hear your suggestions.

Efficiency and progress

We will face up to requirements of the market and we have assumed the challenge of economical batch size 1.  Therefore, in 2017 we decided to realize our own idea of flexible automation, which will become operational in the second quarter of 2018. Through the goal-oriented reduction in auxiliary process times, we will be able to assist you as a commercially interesting partner over the long term at the Schörfling location.

Furthermore, in 2018 we will develop a strategy that will depict our value-added process in the context of “model-based engineering,” and that defines the further steps and thereby the financial years. We have set ourselves the entering goal of processing only one work piece as raw material. This reduces costs and time. This strategy is the motivation for understanding the digital processes surrounding the machine tool and to further develop them. We are thankful that we have been able to find other partners who guided us on this path. Perhaps you would like to shape the future alongside us. Please feel warmly invited into our RO-RA FutureZone.

The year 2018 will thus again confront us with challenges that we already look forward to, because we have you on our side! Therefore, a heartfelt “Thank you” for the great, valuable cooperation in the past year. We wish you and your families a peaceful and tranquil Christmas celebration. Please start the 2018 New Year healthfully and with courage; we wish to shape it together with you.

Most warmly, the RO-RA Team.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018

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