RO-RA Aviation System: Shape the Future of Aviation

The shortage of resources in the industry and countries around the world is not a trend, but a fact that can't be ignored; just like the constant increase in environmental awareness within the society. Following these developments, the aviation industry is trying to develop new technologies to make aircrafts more efficient without compromising on safety.

Motivation and Challenge

To make an aircraft more efficient it is necessary to reduce the weight, develop intelligent forms and shapes for a minimized air resistance as well as engines that consume significantly less fuel. We meet these major challenges with lots of motivation and ideas.

New Solutions for Advanced Products

With our high-quality products Aerostruts (tie rods and push bars), Aeroshock (vibration-damping, frequency) and Aerolift (movement-damping of linear/rotatory) we already have an outstanding basis. The combination and usage of synergies create new fields of application like for example our pivot point kinematics for stowage in the aircraft.

The consistent focus on market requirements and quality were the main reasons for the massive expansion over the last years. The turnover has more than doubled; the number of employees has increased dramatically. We want to continue this clear line and promote product development in order to be able to determine the future of aviation with innovations...

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