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PRESS: 5 years contract with AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE
22. August 2017
RO-RA cooperation with Zodiac Aerospace
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9. October 2017

PRESS: Sonaca new partner

Torque Tube RO-RA Aviation Systems

Torque Tube produced by RO-RA Aviation Systems

Number 1 producer of wings – Belgian group SONACA – awards RO-RA to produce special hard metal components for wing applications

In SONACA – global leader in the area of movable structural components for wings – RO-RA Aviation Systems has acquired a prominent partner which shows that the continuous further development in the development and production of complex components for the aeronautical industry in Schörfling is highly valued around the world.

In the area of hard metal mill/turn machining, where quality and precision are the top priority, torque tubes will now also be produced for SONACA, alongside bolt pins and serration parts. These couplers for the wing are “Class 1” components with regards to safety and flying without them is impossible.

Only a few suppliers make it onto the coveted list of partners of the leading aerospace company which is based in Belgium and a presence in four continents and a total work force of 5.000 employees. A few days ago, RO-RA Aviation Systems from Schörfling am Attersee joined this list.

“We are incredibly excited about our new partnership with such a renowned company as SONACA which shows that we have been able to position ourselves as a real specialist in the industry for hard metal chipping,” says Helmut Wiesenberger, Managing Director of RO-RA Aviation Systems.

RO-RA Aviation Systems has its headquarters in Schörfling am Attersee and produces aeroplane compartments and functional modules for the aeronautical industry. The expansive company has more than doubled its turnover over the last two years to €40 million and has greatly increased its workforce from 120 to 200 employees.

Schörfling will be producing functional modules which join the fuselage with individual cabin elements (overhead compartments, on-board kitchen, storage compartments etc.), structural bracketry and connectors for use on wings, tail units, alighting gear or bearing structures, and high-precision metal components for engines.

RO-RA’s customers include PFW Aerospace GmbH, Rolls Royce, FACC AG, Diehl Aircabin, Zodiac Aerospace, Lufthansa Technik, and many more.

Sonaca Group is responsible for supporting airframers by designing and manufacturing aerospace structures throughout the world. It is a leading aerospace company, based in Belgium, with a presence in four continents. Sonaca Group’s core business is the development, manufacturing, assembly and test of aerospace structures and their associated subsystems. The company has subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Romania and USA. It employs a total workforce around 5.000 employees.

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