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The engine products of RO-RA Aviation Systems are mainly used for jet engines. The high-precision machining of various metal assemblies (titanium, steel, stainless steel, high-carbon steel, Inconel) is a strong competence area of RO-RA. Our production can be adjusted to our customers' requirements in a very flexible manner.
Machined metal assemblies

The machining metal packages comprise of different aluminum, titanium, steel and plastics complex machined brackets which are fully assembled, tested and surface treated.

The assembly of the detail components include the injection grouting of the bearings, surface treatment, fasteners installation and sealant application. The milling metal parts comprise of different premium and high-tensile steels and adequate surface treatment. High-tensile steels are mainly used for engine products.

RO-RA mills and machines offer a wide range of raw materials, including: Steel, stainless steel and hard steel with high chromium and nickel alloys, Titanium and Inconel.
We provide benefits to the aviation industry with:

High flexibility in production
Competitive pricing
Wide range of material applications
Improved cycle times


RO-RA develops and manufactures all different kinds of engine rods. Our structural struts are manufactured by using titanium or inconel.
Roller bearings are self-aligning bearings with roller held by retainer between inner race and outer race. The objectives of our products is the low starting torque.

All of the parts are turned and machined in our in-house, fully automated production facility. Special processes such as insert threatening and threat forming are in place. The milling of rod ends is done in-house.

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