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22. August 2017

PRESS: Opening of the FutureZone

RO-RA Aviation Systems Futurezone

More than EUR 7 Millionen has been invested by RO-RA Aviation Systems for a new training center als well es an Innovation Forum in Schörfling (Austria). The opening was held on Nov. 17th, 2016.

“In our new FutureZone, we want to shape the future of aviation,” says Markus Kreisle,

CEO of RO-RA Aviation Systems in Schörfling. The Futurezone is a training center as well as an Innovation Forum and shall be the technical driving force for the continuous development of the company along with the entire aviation industry.

More than EUR 7 million has been invested also supported by the major machine manufacturers Hermle (Germany), Index (Germany) and Makino (Japan), who see the Competence Center as a great opportunity for the development of new trends.

On the most modern machines, apprentices can learn from scratch, what really matters in the machining of high-quality products as required in aviation, they can build engines and in the future even a model airplane.

“To kindle enthusiasm is the best way to address the shortage of skilled workers” says Kreisle.

Besides apprentice trainings and an academy for employees, the FutureZone provides an in-depth experimental and research area for new technologies where material trends can be tested and interesting alternatives can be developed.
“We have extensively expanded our team and our product development is working on innovative standards for the next generation of aircrafts,” says Helmut Wiesenberger, the product responsible Managing Director.

RO-RA Aviation Systems based in Schörfling am Attersee, is a manufacturer of aircraft components and functional assemblies for the aviation industry. The fast growing company has more than doubled its turnover to EUR 30 million in the past two years and significantly increased the number of employees from 120 to 200.

The manufacturing unit in Schörfling produces functional assemblies that connect the fuselage with the individual cabin elements (overhead compartment, galley, storage boxes, etc.), structural rods and connectors for use in the wings, tail units, landing gear or wing units along with high-precision metal components for engines.

Customers of RO-RA include PFW Aerospace GmbH, Rolls Royce, FACC AG, Diehl Aircabin, Zodiac Aerospace, Lufthansa Technik and many others.



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RO-RA Aviation Systems Futurezone    RO-RA Aviation Systems Futurezone

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