Apprentice Academy

Intensive training for apprentices in the FutureZone academy.

Innovation Forum

We live for innovations to help shape the future of aviation.

Specialist Training

Interesting presentations and exciting trainings for our employees.

Competence Center

The FutureZone acts as a technical stimulus for the continuous development of RO-RA.

FutureZone: Shape the Future of Aviation


Our motivation is directly related to the future vision that we have of something. RO-RA wants to develop itself further as an innovative company. Therefore, we need the desire to explore new paths and the foresight to make visions come true. We can continue to live this exciting process only with highly qualified employees, who have the courage to think outside the box.

... driven by technology

This is why the RO-RA FutureZone is more than a training and education facility for our employees. In there, it is also possible to develop things in a playful manner that can set new trends in the aviation industry. This is what we believe in. For this purpose we invest in new machines, excellent teachers and a high dose of passion.

The machine park is part of an active partnership with the machine producers Index, Hermle and Makino.

  • Equipment Machine park91%
  • Training of employees83%
  • Development of new perspectives86%
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