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PRESS: Sonaca new partner
4. September 2017

PRESS: 5 years contract with AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE

RO-RA Aviaton Systems

RO-RA Aviation Systems takes over the complete production chain
of metal precision components for AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE

More than 1,200 different components will be produced by RO-RA Aviation Systems in Austria for the largest Czech aviation group AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE.

The dynamic company from Schörfling am Attersee has been awarded for a significant work scope of machined precision components by AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE. The 5-year contract with an annual sales volume of EUR 7 million was signed a few days ago. “The challenge,” says RO-RA Managing Director Helmut Wiesenberger, “is the high volume of different parts, which will completely be taken over by us within the next one year.”

AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE supports well-known companies such as Bombardier with the wing leading edge for the aircraft models C-Series CS100 and CS300. More than 350 fixed orders have already been placed.
AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE provides the wing leading edge, rear fuselage, cargo ramp and all cabin doors to EMBRAER for the KC-390 program and hinges and inner structures of doors for the E2 program.

The production competence will be with RO-RA Aviation Systems – from raw material procurement, turning and milling, NDT inspection, surface processing, measurement technology, assembly along with quality testing according to the highest safety standards. “We were able to particularly impress with our modern high-tech machines and the high development and manufacturing competence,” says Helmut Wiesenberger.


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. (1,900 employees) founded in 1919, is the largest Czech aviation group and due to its historic development as the largest producer of military training jets worldwide. The company is a strategic cooperation partner for such well-known companies as Airbus or Bombardier. To date, 11,000 aircraft have been realised by AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE.

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