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Photo shoot for RO-RA calendar
16. November 2016
Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 2017
Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg
4. April 2017

Atmospheric Opening of the RO-RA FutureZone

Eröffnung der FutureZone bei RO-RA

A great atmospheare, motivating words, impressive scenes: the opening of the FutureZone was an unforgettable feast. Surrounded by the modern machinery of the new education center our guest could feel the spirit of future and innovation. The RO-RA FutureZone is more than a training and education facility for our employees. In there, it is also possible to develop things in a playful manner that can set new trends in the aviation industry.

As Tony Beckwith’s (Rolls Royce Group) motivation speech proved, the opening was of international importance.

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